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Musical Instruments Name List (संगीत वाद्ययंत्र के नाम) With Picture

Musical Instruments Name: Guys in this post we will learn about the name of all instruments of music that are used to create beautiful songs, music, or sounds. So If you are also interested in Music or you want to learn about all music instruments names in Hindi and English with their images then keep reading this post. let’s see the list of all music instrument names.

Guys, do you like songs or music? We all listen to music and enjoy it. Music has such power that it can make us sad or even cry. At the same time, some music can make us happy.

The first question that comes to our mind iswhat is music”? So, the answer to this is quite easy. Music is sound or a group of sounds that have been organized or created by using one or more musical instruments.

Musical Instruments name

Friends, the thing to note here is that we all listen to music, but we do not know the name of all the musical instruments used in making or playing that music. If you are also one of these people who do not know the name of all musical instruments, then this post is for you.

In this post, we will read what is the name of all musical instruments in Hindi and English, as well as we will see the picture of all those instruments so that we can identify them. Now let’s see musical instruments name in Hindi and English with picture (संगीत वाद्ययंत्र के नाम हिन्दी इंग्लिश में)

Musical Instruments Name In English-Hindi (संगीत उपकरण के नाम) With Their Picture

Instruments PictureInstrument English NameInstrument Hindi Name
guitar musical instrumentGuitar (गिटार)गिटार
piano music instrumentPiano (पियानो)पियानो
tabor music instrumentTabor (टेबर)तबला
Violin musical instrumentViolin (वायलिन)सारंगी, बेला
tom tom music instrumentTomTom (टॉमटॉम)ढोलक (Dholak)
sitar musical instrumentSitar (सितार)सितार
Harmonium musical instrumentHarmonium (हार्मोनियम)हारमोनियम
Mouth-OrganMouth-Organ (माउथ ऑर्गन)बीन बाजा
sarod musical instrumentSarod (सरोद)सरोद
harp musical instrumentHarp (हार्प)वीणा
tambourine musical instrumentTambourine (टैमबरीन)चंग, खज्जरी, डफ
Jew’S Harp musical instrument Jew’S Harp (जेव्स हार्प)मर्चंग, यहूदी सारंगी
flute musical instrumentFlute (फ्लूट)बाँसुरी
horn musical instrumentHorn (हॉर्न)सींग, भोंपू, तुरही
Drumet musical instrumentDrumet (दृमेट)डुगडुगी, डमरू
drum musical instrumentDrum (ड्रम)ढोल, नगाड़ा
cymbal music instrumentCymbal (कीम्बल)झांझ, मजीरा
Clarion musical instrumentClarion (क्लारीओंन)बिगुल
conchConch (कोंच)शंख
clarinetClarinet (क्लेरीनेट)शहनाई
Banjo musical instrumentBanjo (बैंजो)बैंजो
bell music instrumentBell (बेल)घंटा
Bagpipe musical instrumentBagpipe (बैगपाइप)मशक बाजा
Whistle music instrumentWhistle (विशिल)सीटी

So, guys, this was the complete list of names of all musical instruments, in which we read more than 20 instrument’s names in both Hindi and English languages. Also, the picture of that music instrument has also been attached to the side so that you can easily identify it by looking at the photo.

We are surrounded by music from all sides, everywhere we get to hear music. Even many people start their days by listening to devotional songs. But we do not know the name of the instruments used in those music. But after reading this post, you have come to know the name of all the musical instruments.


Guys is this post useful for you? ofcourse it is. Because we all listen to music so we must have knowledge of all musical instrument’s names. Here we read all music instruments names in Hindi and English with their picture. so guy,s in conclusion, I would like to tell you that if you like this post about musical instruments then please share it on social media by clicking the below button.

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