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1 To 1000 Numbers Counting In Hindi-English | 1 से 1000 तक की गिनती सीखें

Guys do you know what are numbers? Numbers are very powerful things in mathematics. if I say in simple terms, numbers are mathematical objects that are used to count, measure and weigh anything. without using numbers, we can’t count, measure and weigh anything.

Actually, we use the number again and again in our daily life. For example, you tell your sister to bring 1 glass of water, you see the time, and If someone asks today’s date to you then sure you will use the number to tell the date.

number Counting In Hindi-English

Even though numbers are just mathematical objects, it is also true that it is difficult to imagine life without its use.

Numbers are written differently in different languages, but the most popular are English counting and Hindi counting. English is the language spoken in all countries, so English counting is known by most people, but very few people know Hindi counting (number in Hindi).

Are you a student Or something else? No matter what you are, and what you do, but if you do not know about counting in Hindi, counting in English, then it is wrong for you. But don’t panic because here I am going to share with you Counting in Hindi (Hindi Numbers), Numbers names in Hindi, counting from 1 to 100 in Hindi. So to learn about it, let’s get started.

Counting In Hindi – English From 1 to 100 | 1 से 100 तक गिनती

  Note   – For better readablity rotate your mobile screen to read (मोबाइल स्क्रीन को रोटेट या घुमा कर पढ़ें ताकि कॉलम पूरी तरह दिखे)

English NumberNumber In wordDevnagriRoman
21Twenty Oneइक्कीसEkkis
22Twenty TwoबाईसBais
23Twenty ThreeतेइसTeis
24Twenty FourचौबीसChaubis
25Twenty Fiveपच्चीसPachis
26Twenty Sixछब्बीसChhabis
27Twenty Sevenसत्ताइसSattais
28Twenty Eightअठ्ठाइसAthais
29Twenty NineउनतीसUntis
31Thirty OneएकतीसEktis
32Thirty TwoबतीसBatis
33Thirty ThreeतेंतीसTentis
34Thirty FourचौतीसChautis
35Thirty FiveपैतीसPaitis
36Thirty sixछतीसChhatis
37Thirty SevenसैंतीसSaitis
38Thirty Eightअड़तीसAdtis
39Thirty NineउनतालीसUntalis
41Forty OneइकतालीसEktalis
42Forty TwoबयालीसBayalis
43Forty ThreeतेंतालीसTentalis
44Forty FourचौवालिसChauwalis
45Forty FiveपेंतालिसPentalis
46Forty SixछेयालिसChayalis
47Forty Sevenसेंतालिस Sentalis
48Forty Eightअड़तालीसAdtalis
49Forty NineउनचासUnchas
51Fifty Oneइक्यावनEkyawan
52Fifty TwoबावनBawan
53Fifty ThreeतिरपनTirpan
54Fifty FourचौवनChauwan
55Fifty FiveपचपनPachpan
56Fifty SixछपनChhapan
57Fifty SevenसंतावनSantawan
58Fifty EightअनठावनAnthwan
59Fifty NineउनसठUnsath
61Sixty OneइकसठEksath
62Sixty TwoबासठBasath
63Sixty ThreeतिरसठTirsath
64Sixty FourचौसठChausath
65Sixty FiveपैंसठPensath
66Sixty SixछेयासठChheyasath
67Sixty SevenसरसठSarsath
68Sixty EightअडसठAdsath
69Sixty NineउनहतरUnhatar
71Seventy OneएकहतरEkhatar
72Seventy TwoबहतरBahatar
73Seventy ThreeतिहतरTihatar
74Seventy FourचौहतरChauhatar
75Seventy FiveपचहतरPachhatar
76Seventy SixछिहतरChhihatar
77Seventy SevenसतहतरSathatar
78Seventy EightअठहतरAthhatar
79Seventy Nineउन्नासीUnnasi
81Eighty OneएकासीEkasi
82Eighty TwoबयासीBayasi
83Eighty ThreeतिरासीTirasi
84Eighty FourचौरासीChaurasi
85Eighty FiveपिचासीPichasi
86Eighty SixछयासीChhayasi
87Eighty SevenसतासीSatasi
88Eighty EightअठासीAthasi
89Eighty NineनवासीNwasi
91Ninety OneएकानबेEkanwe
92Ninety TwoबानवेBanwe
93Ninety ThreeतिरानवेTiranwe
94Ninety FourचौरानवेChauranwe
95Ninety FiveपंचानवेPanchanwe
96Ninety SixछियानवेChhiyanwe
97Ninety SevenसंतानवेSantanwe
98Ninety EightअनठावेAnthanwe
99Ninety NineनिनानवेNinanwe
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So this was the complete list of Hindi numbers or Hindi counting. Here we wrote numbers from 0 to 100 in English and Hindi both languages.

But we know that the numbers are up to infinite and here we have only written the count from 0 to 100. So the question is, how are the numbers after 100 counted? So let’s know about this.

No matter how big a number it is, it is formed using the number from 0 to 9. This means that Whether it is a large number or a small number, it contains only numbers from 0 to 9.

And if you know counting from 0 to 100 as I have taught you above, counting after 100 is also quite easy. You just have to write its Hindi meaning in place of English, for example, if you want to write 105 (One hundred five) in Hindi, then you will write like this- एक सौ पांच.

Because Hindi of one hundred is “एक सौ” and Hindi of five is “पांच”, so we wrote Hindi of 105 as follows-

counting in hindi rule

If you have good knowledge of counting from 0 to 100 then you can easily write or learn counting after 100 because all numbers are the same as English numbers. Let’s learn Counting from 100 to 200 or numbers in English and Hindi from 100 to 200 so that you could better understand it.

Counting In Hindi-English From 100 to 200 | Numbers In English-Hindi

 Note – Here I have written random numbers from 100 to 200, this is because you could understand the concept of counting by taking less time.

Number in EnglishIn wordIn HindiHinglish
100One Hundredएक सौEk sau
101One Hundred Oneएक सौ एकEk sau ek
102One Hundred Twoएक सौ दोEk sau do
103One Hundred Threeएक सौ तीनEk sau teen
104One Hundred Fourएक सौ चारEk sau char
105One Hundred Fiveएक सौ पांचEk sau panch
106One Hundred Sixएक सौ छेEk sau chhhe
107One Hundred Sevenएक सौ सातEk sau saat
108One Hundred Eightएक सौ आठEk sau aath
109One Hundred Nineएक सौ नौEk sau nau
110One Hundred Tenएक सौ दसEk sau dash
111One Hundred Elevenएक सौ ग्यारहEk sau gyarah
112One Hundred Twelveएक सौ बारहEk sau barah
113One Hundred Thirteenएक सौ तेरहEk sau terah
114One Hundred Fourteenएक सौ चौदहEk sau chaudah
115One Hundred Fifteenएक सौ पन्द्रहEk sau pandrah
116One Hundred Sixteenएक सौ सोलहEk sau solah
117One Hundred Seventeenएक सौ सत्रहEk sau satrah
118One Hundred Eighteenएक सौ अठारहEk sau atharah
119One Hundred Nineteenएक सौ उन्नीसEk sau unnis
120One Hundred Twentyएक सौ बीसEk sau bis
121One Hundred Twenty Oneएक सौ इक्कीसEk sau ekkis
122One Hundred Twenty Twoएक सौ बाइसEk sau baes
127One Hundred Twenty Sevenएक सौ सताइसEk sau satais
130One Hundred Thirtyएक सौ तीनEk sau tees
138One Hundred Thirty Eightएक सौ अड़तीसEk sau adtis
139One Hundred Thirty Nineएक सौ उनचालीसEk sau unchalis
145One Hundred Forty Fiveएक सौ पैंतालिसEk sau untalish
149One Hundred Forty Nineएक सौ उनचासEk sau unchas
156One Hundred Fifty Sixएक सौ छपनEk sau chhapan
159One Hundred Fifty Nineएक सौ उनसठEk sau unsath
163One Hundred Sixty Threeएक सौ तिरसठEk sau tirsath
169One Hundred Sixty Nineएक सौ उनहतरEk sau unhatar
172One Hundred Seventy Twoएक सौ बहतरEk sau bahatar
177One Hundred Seventy Sevenएक सौ सतहतरEk sau sathatar
185One Hundred Eighty Fiveएक सौ पचाशीEk sau pachasi
189One Hundred Eighty Nineएक सौ नवासीEk sau nwasi
190One Hundred Nintyएक सौ नबेEk sau nabe
193One Hundred Ninty Threeएक सौ तिरानवेEk sau tiranwe
195One Hundred Ninty Fiveएक सौ पिचानवेEk sau pichanwe
198One Hundred Ninty Eightएक सौ अनठावेEk sau anthanwe
200Two Hundredदो सौDo sau

Once you have learned the counting from 0 to 100 then assume that about 80% you have also learned counting after 100. I am telling this because counting after 100 is something logical and we use numbers from 1 to 100 for counting.

But for this, you should have knowledge of higher-order numbers. Are you confused? just look at the given meaning you will understand what I mean.

  • 100 (Hundred) – सौ
  • 1000 (Thousand) – हजार
  • 100000 (Lac) – लाख
  • 10000000 (Crore) – करोड़
  • 1000000000 (Billion) – अरब

Now if you memorized everything I have mentioned above then you are ready to learn “counting in Hindi” after the number 100. For this, there is a rule we can follow so that our counting process becomes easier.

If you want to calculate anything then, any calculation can’t be done by using numbers. For your additional information, I would suggest you online calculator for any type of calculation and conversion from one unit to another.

Rules For Counting (गिनती के नियम)

For nomenclature of all the numbers between 100 to 1000000 in Hindi, we use terms hundred (सौ), Thousand (हजार), and Lac (लाख) according to the requirement of numbers. Along with this, we use Hindi numbers from 0 to 100 if required.

Our first step of counting a number in Hindi is, break the number in its constituents (घटक) assigning basic required peripherals (100, 1000, 100000, etc) along with their multiplicative order according to its position in the number.

If you pay attention to the given example, you will better understand it.

Suppose you have a number 48565 to count in Hindi. So according to the rule that I have mentioned above, we will first break the number mathematically as follow-

48565 = 48×1000+5×100+65

 Step 1. As the number is 48565 = 48×1000+5×100+65 so, here the most left part number is 48 so we write 48 first (You have to pay attention to the broken number, not on the original or main number). But we have to write this number in Hindi so we will write “अड़तालीस (Adtalis)” because Hindi of number 48 (forty eight) is अड़तालीस. You can see this in the above table of Hindi number counting from 0 to 100.

48 – अड़तालीस (Adtalis)

 Step 2. After 48, we have 1000 (thousand) and Hindi meaning of thousand is “हजार (Hajar)” So we write it after 48 as-

48×1000 – अड़तालीस हजार

 Step 3. After this, we have 5 which is multiplied by 100. Hindi meaning of five is “पांच (Panch)” and Hindi meaning of 100 is “100 (सौ)”. SO we will write it “पांच सौ (panch sau)”. This is just like we have written 48 hjar above.

 Step 3. 48×1000+5×100 – अड़तालीस हजार पांच सौ

Now we have the last number left which is 65. according to the Hindi number counting, Hindi meaning of 65 is पैसठ (Paisath) So finally, we will write 48565 in Hindi as-

48×1000+5×100+65 – अड़तालीस हजार पांच सौ पैसठ (Adtalis Hajar Panch Sau Paisath)


48565 – अड़तालीस हजार पांच सौ पैसठ (Adtalis Hajar Panch Sau Paisath)

But guys if you have good knowledge of counting in English then you can easily write Hindi of any number and for this, you need knowledge of Hindi counting from 0 to 100 and along with this Hindi meaning of higher number (i.e. thousand, lac, crore). I have already told you about it above.

Now the question is how you can do that without using the rule? Have a look at this example-

Suppose you want to write 52381 in Hindi. So first we write it in words as-

52381 – Fifty two thousand three hundred eighty one.

we know all words Hindi meaning as-

  1. Fifty two – बावन (Bawan)
  2. Thousand – हजार (Hjar)
  3. Three – तीन (Teen)
  4. Hundred – सौ (Sau)
  5. Eighty One – एकासी (Ekasi)

In the end, you just have to write all the words in one place in the listed way. Like this-

52381 – बावन हजार तीन सौ एकासी (Bawan hjar teen sau ekasi)

So, guys, this is how you can write counting in Hindi. here I have shared two methods to you, in the first method you can use a simple rule to write the number in Hindi and in the second method you can easily do it without using the rule.

Now let’s see more examples so you can understand it better.

Counting after 100 (100 के बाद की गिनती)

Here we write the number in English after we will write Hindi of that number by using break rule


101 = 1×100+1 = एक सौ एक (Ek sau ek)


102 = 1×100+2 = एक सौ दो (Ek sau do)


103 = 1×100+3 = एक सौ तीन (Ek sau teen)


105 = 1×100+5 = एक सौ पांच (Ek sau panch)


135 = 1×100+35 = एक सौ पैंतीस (Ek sau pentis)


194 = 1×100+94 = एक सौ चौरानवे (Ek sau chauranwe)


201 = 2×100+1 = दो सौ एक (Do sau ek)


214 = 2×100+14 = दो सौ चौदह (Do sau chaudah)


270 = 2×100+70 = दो सौ सतर (Do sau satar)


299 = 2×100+99 = दो सौ निनानवे (Do sau ninanwe)


720 = 7×100+20 = सात सौ बीस (saat sau bis)


792 = 7×100+92 = सात सौ बानवे (Sat sau banwe)


850 = 8×100+50 = आठ सौ पचास (Aath sau pachas)


932 = 9×100+32 = नौ सौ बत्तीस (Nau sau battis)


990 = 9×100+90 = नौ सौ नब्बे (Nau sau nabbe)

Counting after 1000 (1000 के बाद की गिनती)

Now let’s see how we can write counting in hindi after 1000 and how we can break any number to write in Hindi.


1025 = 1×1000+25 = एक हजार पच्चीस (Ek hajar pachis)


1150 = 1×1000+1×100+50 = एक हजार एक सौ पच्चास (Ek hajar ek sau pachas)


4285 = 4×1000+2×100+85 = चार हजार दो सौ पच्चासी (Char hajar do sau pachasi)


7936 = 7×1000+9×100+36 = सात हजार नौ सौ छतीस (Saat hajar nau sau chhatis)


15298 = 15×1000+2×100+98 = पंद्रह हजार दो सौ अनठावे (Pandrah hajar do sau anthanwe)


21775 = 21×1000+7×100+75 = इक्कीस हजार सात सौ पचहतर (Ekkis hajar sat sau pachhatar)

From 1000 to 99,999 we can write numbers in Hindi using same method, but when numbers are in lac then we can write in Hindi as-

Counting after 100000 (100000 के बाद की गिनती)


125382 = 1×100000+25×1000+3×100+82 = एक लाख पच्चीस हजार तीन सौ बेयासी (Ek lakh pachis hajar teen sau bayasi)


103256 = 1×100000+0+3×1000+2×100+56 = एक लाख तीन हजार दो सौ छपन (Ek lakh teen hajar do sau chhapan)


1285945 = 12×100000+85×1000+9×100+45 = बारह लाख पच्चासी हजार नौ सौ पेंतालिस (Barah lakh pachashi hajar nau sau pentalish)

So guys, in the same way we can write hindi number of numbers from 100000 to 9999999. here we have read almost all numbers counting in Hindi and English. I have shared method of counting by which you can write any number in Hindi.


Dear readers, this was the complete information about number counting in Hindi-English, Number in Hindi, Hindi counting, Number name in Hindi. Because we use numbers to count anything and in our daily life we use numbers many times so we must have complete information about counting.

Guys here we have read about Hindi counting, English counting (गिनती हिंदी में), 1 to 100 number counting, 1 to 1000, 1 to 100000 counting and method or rule of Hindi numbers counting with example.

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