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Flowers Name in Sanskrit, Hindi And English (फूलों के नाम संस्कृत में)

Dear readers, do you want to learn the names of flowers in Sanskrit (फूलों के नाम संस्कृत, हिंदी और इंग्लिश में)? If yes, then you are on the right page because in this article I am going to tell you the Sanskrit, Hindi, and English names of all the flowers.

Guys, we all know that Sanskrit is a very old and ancient language that mainly speak or understood in India and Nepal. Sanskrit is still taught to students in many schools.

flowers name in sanskrit hindi english

If you also want to learn Sanskrit or if Sanskrit is taught in your school, then it is very important for you to learn about Sanskrit words, Sanskrit words meaning, and vocabulary in Sanskrit.

This post will help you a lot in learning Sanskrit word meaning because in this post I am going to tell you the names of flowers in Sanskrit as well as Hindi and English. The first question is, What is the Sanskrit meaning of flower? So the answer is “Pushpah” (पुष्प:)”. Yes, we call the flower as “Pushpah” (पुष्प:) in Sanskrit.

You may already know the names of flowers in Hindi or English, but you do not know their Sanskrit names, right? So let us first know the names of flowers in Sanskrit and Hindi and after that, we will read the names of these flowers in Sanskrit from English.

Flowers Name In Sanskrit-Hindi (फूलो के नाम संस्कृत और हिंदी में) With Picture

PictureFlower in SanskritFlower in Hindi
blooming flowersपुष्प:फूल
rose flowerपाटलम्गुलाब
Jasmine flower जातीपुष्पम्चमेली
lily flowerयूथिकाजुहि
oleander flowerकर्णोरःकनेर
lotus flowerउत्पलम्कमल
frangipani flowerचम्पकम्चम्पा
blossom flowerजाम्भजम्नारङ्गी
water lilyपद्मिनीकुमुद
Pandanus flowerकैतकम्केतकी
night blooming flower raat raniरजनीगन्‍धारात रानी
Rosemallows flowerजपपुशमगुढ़ल
blue water lily flowerकृष्ण कमलमनीलकमल
marigold flowerस्‍थलपद्मम्गेंदे का फूल
Cobra Saffron flowerनागापुश्पानाग चम्पा
Delonix Regiaआभरणगुलमोहर
Erythrina flowerशेफालिकापारिजात
Palash flowerकिंशुकपलाश
Mesua Ferrea flowerनागपुष्पनाग केसर
Jasminum sambac flowerमल्लिकामोगरा
Golden Shower flowerव्याधिघातअमलतास
withered flowerम्लानम्मुरझाया फूल
blooming flowersविकचम्, विकसितम्, सफुटम्, प्रफुल्लम्खिला फूल
blue lotus flowerइन्‍दीवरम्कमल (नीला)
white lotus flowerकैरवम्कमल (श्‍वेत)
red lotus flowerकोकनदम्, पद्मम्कमल (लाल)
bela flowerमल्लिकाबेला

Friends this was the complete list of flowers name in Sanskrit and Hindi but there is a problem. All the peoples who don’t know Hindi want to learn the Sanskrit name of flowers with it’s English name. So guys now let’s learn about flower’s name in Sanskrit, English, and Hindi.

Flowers Name In Sanskrit, English And Hindi (फूलों के नाम संस्कृत, हिंदी और इंग्लिश में)

  • Flower – पुष्प: – फूल
  • Rose – पाटलम् – गुलाब
  • Jasmine – जातीपुष्पम् – चमेली
  •  Lily – यूथिका – जुहि
  • Oleander कर्णोरः – कनेर
  • Lotus – उत्पलम् – कमल
  • Magnolia – चम्पकम् – चम्पा
  • Sunflower – दिवाकरः – सूरजमुखी
  • Orange Blossom – जाम्भजम् – नारङ्गी
  • Water Lily – पद्मिनी – कुमुद
  • Pandanus – कैतकम् – केतकी
  • Night Blooming Jasmine – रजनीगन्‍धा – रात की रानी
  • Rosemallows – जपपुशम – गुढ़ल
  • Bluewater lily – कृष्ण कमलम – नीलकमल
  • Marigold – स्‍थलपद्मम् – गेंदे का फूल
  • Cobra Saffron – नागापुश्पा – नाग चम्पा
  • Delonix Regia – आभरण – गुलमोहर
  • Stramonium – धतूर – धतूर का फूल
  • Erythrina – शेफालिका – पारिजात
  • Palash – किंशुक – पलाश
  • Mesua Ferrea – नागपुष्प – नाग केसर
  • Jasminum sambac – मल्लिका – मोगरा
  • Golden Shower – व्याधिघात – अमलतास
  • Withered flower – म्लानम् – मुरझाया फूल
  • Blooming flower – विकचम्, विकसितम्, सफुटम्, प्रफुल्लम् – खिला फूल
  • Blue lotus – इन्‍दीवरम् – नीला कमल
  • White lotus – कैरवम् – श्वेत कमल
  • Red lotus – कोकनदम्, पद्मम् – लाल कमल
  • Bela – मल्लिका – बेला

So now we have complete knowledge of flowers names in Sanskrit, Hindi, and English because above we have shared a complete list of Sanskrit, Hindi, and English flowers names with their images. Guys, if you want to learn Sanskrit, Hindi and English names of flowers by watching the video then watch bellow video-


Guys here we have read about all flower name in Sanskrit with Hindi and English meaning (फूलों के नाम संस्कृत में उनके हिंदी और इंग्लिश अर्थ के साथ), List of Sanskrit flowers name with the picture. How did you like this post please let us know by sharing this post on social media.

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